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Paid referencing

Who would be crazy enough to start an E-commerce business without launching acquisition campaigns on Google Ads to acquire customers?

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Paid referencing -
The nerve of the war

Yes, you will have understood, this channel is a "must-have".
It is essential because it is through this channel that we can capture the user in the most effective way and who knows, maybe your future customer.

What is the purpose of paid referencing?
Paid referencing complements natural referencing, which is often insufficient, especially in a very competitive environment. It is used to promote products and/or services in a qualified way. There are several types of ads: product ads (called Shopping) and text ads.

How do you get started in paid referencing?
First requirement, a functional website, with an operational tracking and a product flow adapted to Google requirements.
Then comes the creation of text ads as well as the implementation of product ads via the flow - then comes the management and monitoring of performance To complete this picture, we add to all this a brick of strategic advice always very appreciated by our customers.

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The ikom choice for your paid referencing

A proven and constantly evolving methodology.
A privileged relationship with Google which gives us access to a multitude of information (market trends, beta, etc.) useful for the proper management of campaigns.

A complete follow-up of the results and a continuous improvement of the advertisements, keywords and management in order to reach your commercial objectives.

A win-win remuneration model based on performance.
A human, proactive and rewarding customer relationship for both parties.

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