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The Client Lead

While everyone agrees that a marketing media mix is important on the Internet to accompany the consumer throughout his or her journey, it is sometimes complex for the advertiser to understand the synergies at play and to have a cockpit view of the strategy in place.
That's where our Client Lead comes in!

Responsibilities and tasks of the Customer Lead

If we had to sum up the Client Lead's mission in one sentence, it would be "to make the complex day-to-day aspects of your multi-channel digital strategy simple".

The Client Lead is not responsible for managing your media campaigns, but will work alongside the operational experts on a daily basis to capture the essence and fruits of media activations.

Its mission is also to help you take a step back from your digital strategy by carrying out specific analyses and taking a critical, agnostic look at the media mix at work.

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Our approach

In order to meet your needs, we have set up a "Client Lead" at ikom who is the customer's central point of contact.

His role is to coordinate the customer's digital marketing actions and ensure that they are properly activated on the various levers used by the customer.

The expertise, the business knowledge and the ability of this person to understand the needs and translate them into concrete activation allow our customers to accelerate strongly on the digital. Project management and coordination between all stakeholders is a real key factor of success.

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Read our testimonials

I'm very satisfied with the Client Lead I work with on a daily basis. He's concrete, very business-like, and he pushes through requests quickly!

He quickly understands our needs and the adjustments required.
We needed someone who was a driving force, and not just waiting for our recommendations.
We know our business and he knows his.

Nothing to say except that all's well so far!




E-commerce Director

I find that the intervention of the Client Lead with whom I work on the Google Ads account has brought a strategic vision and much better coordination of the more operational consultants.

At my level, I find her intervention very useful.




Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Manager
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