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The ikom e-commerce Barometer - March 2023

The ikom e-commerce Barometer - March 2023

Sales saved by higher average shopping basket

In March, we finally returned to a volume of sessions equivalent to N-1, but the consumer trends we've been observing for several months remain similar, with even a more notable decline in the conversion rate (-9.5% versus -1.9% in February and -3.5% in January). Overall, therefore, we have fewer conversions (-9.6%) than last year, but the higher average basket (+8.5%) helps to limit the drop in sales (-1.9%).

All KPIs were stable throughout the month, with no major e-commerce events.

ikom e-commerce barometer March 2023 - Global trends

Fashion and indoor leisure sales were up, in line with the previous month. Outdoor leisure, the children's sector and events are down.

ikom e-commerce barometer March 2023 - Sectors

March is proving to be a difficult month for many e-tailers.
High inflation has had an impact on consumption since the start of the year: over a third of French people say they are more stressed because of the rising cost of living (source: Toluna survey).

However, it remains important to be present and to appear in the consumer's buying journey, even if this is increasingly anticipated and thought through according to the sector of activity.

As a reminder, the analysis is based on Google Analytics data (all sources combined) from a hundred or so e-tailers in France; we compare the data with that of the same period last year.
The trends we can observe are correlated to the performance of the sites connected to our tool and cannot represent the entire market. However, it can give an idea of the market trends over the analyzed period.