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Your responsibility as a retailer is to offer the best product or service to the people who need it.
Our responsibility is to help you advertise this offer to your future customers.

A single agency,
‍3teams of dedicated experts

SEA with ikom
The principle is to provide an adapted response via SEA campaigns to Internet users demonstrating an intention to purchase on search engines.
But our ikom SEA experts go further: they combine your business needs (margin improvement, stock clearance, different budget allocation and business objectives depending on your customer LTV, etc.) with your paid search strategy for total business success!

SMA with tigrz
Responding to intent is good, but it's not everything.
Retailers now have a duty to speak up and connect with their audiences within the various social networks.
Because a customer's decision-making journey is increasingly complex, ensuring your presence at every stage becomes key to your business success.

In this sense, they are the perfect partners for our media experts in their day-to-day work, ensuring optimal ad acquisition performance.

Feed Management with Feed-Manager
Without products and the right way to promote them, a retailer's store is nothing. In e-commerce, it's much the same.
So our Feed-Manager experts bring you an expert eye on the quality of your product inventory feed, and take charge of reshaping it so that it fits perfectly with the expectations of ad networks such as Google Ads or META.
In this sense, they are the perfect partners for our media experts on a daily basis for optimal ad acquisition performance.

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Choosing ikom for your digital acquisition strategy

A tried-and-tested methodology that's constantly evolving.
A privileged relationship with advertising agencies that gives us access to a wealth of information (market trends, beta, etc.) useful for effective campaign management.

Comprehensive results monitoring and continuous improvement of your advertising campaigns, in line with your business objectives.

A win-win remuneration model based on performance.
A human, proactive and rewarding customer relationship for both parties.

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