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It's time to fly higher with ikom

Why work with ikom? We make it a point of honour to be a true partner in your performance and become the conductor of your acquisition strategy.

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Strategic support from A to Z

Our experts help you build and evolve your digital acquisition strategy. In addition to being experts in SEA and SMA platforms, they bring a strategic vision aligned with your objectives. Based on concrete data and working in partnership with you, we co-construct your acquisition strategy to achieve your goals.

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Be a partner in your performance

We make it a point to be a true partner in your performance. We base our work and part of our billing on your objectives. Through regular exchanges, a shared objective and a proven methodology, we do our utmost to help your company take off.

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Experts at your service

All of our experts have in-depth knowledge of each of the platforms, whether it's Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager or Google Merchant Center and the associated aggregators. Thanks to our methodologies, alerting systems and optimization routines, we know how to deploy and optimize the right devices to meet your objectives.

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