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E-traders, we speak the same language

We've been involved in Commerce since the very beginning, and have a single objective: to become true partners in your performance, as extensions of your organization.

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Strategic support from A to Z

Our experts can help you build and evolve your digital acquisition strategy.
In addition to being experts in SEA, SMA and flow platforms, they bring a strategic vision aligned with your objectives.
Based on concrete data and working in partnership with you, we co-construct your acquisition strategy to achieve your objectives.

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Be a partner in your performance

We make a point of being a true partner in your performance.
We base our work and part of our billing on your objectives.
Through regular exchanges, shared objectives and a proven methodology, we do our utmost to help your business grow.

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100% Commerce DNA

We were born and bred with the DNA of commerce.
Margin, EBITDA, stock levels and LTV are all terms we discuss with our customers on a daily basis, and which enable us to bring a different perspective to the management of advertising campaigns.
This makes ikom much more than a marketing agency, it's the partner of choice for retailers who want to succeed on the Internet!

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