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Telecommuting, how to maintain links while remaining efficient?

Telecommuting, how to maintain links while remaining efficient?

The arrival of telework and its standardization

The health crisis has deprived us of many things, but it has also allowed us to evolve our way of working. Telecommuting has increased since the containment and will continue to grow afterwards.

Often viewed with a negative eye, for fear of a drop in employee productivity, it has proven to be a productivity booster. It allows us to better coordinate our private life with work, in addition to making us gain in quality of life, if we respect some small rules.

Best Practices

There is no miracle recipe, but here are some tips we have implemented at ikom to facilitate telecommuting.

Communication is the key to success. In practice, there are simple ways to establish regular and constructive exchanges with the team:

  1. Find YOUR daily communication tool.
    There are many instant messaging services, the most used being Teams, Google Chat (ex-Hangout) or Slack.
    The objective is to be available for the whole company and to keep spontaneous exchanges.
  2. Maintain a meeting routine.
    Morning visios are essential! The ikomians' meeting is set for 10 a.m. sharp! These visios help activate the group, motivate them and start the workday in an environment other than the office.
  3. Challenge yourself!
    Team building takes on its full meaning when working from home. It breaks the routine and stimulates everyone's creativity to reinforce team spirit and cohesion. It works for company projects, real drivers for the months to come. New development ideas can emerge! It is also possible, for example, to carry out culinary challenges on the weekend. It's up to you to imagine your next challenges!
  4. Set up a specific work area with all the equipment you need.
    Your bed, while comfortable, is not suitable for hours on the computer. And flying post-its, in the middle of toddlers, are a no-no. For those who don't have a dedicated corner, we have taken care of express office deliveries! The idea is to have a corner different from the living space, as far as possible, to be able to cut more easily between professional and personal life.
  5. Maintain regular office hours
    This will ensure that the quality of service and availability to your clients remains unchanged. Message to parents reading this article: the hours are not set in stone. We know that napping is an opportunity for you to gain concentration. And there's no better way to help than with colleagues who are willing to lend a hand! Helping each other is probably the best way to get through the lockdown in the best conditions. The bonds between the team are strengthened and the reunion will be even more beautiful.
  6. Sharing
    If the team is a major strength of the company, its cohesion can be put to the test by distance. It is therefore important toestablish new links between employees. Sharing experiences, common trainings, personal successes are great points of contact between everyone. At ikom, we talk about fitness and cooking tips, share virtual coffees on Discord, and drink toast at 6pm on Google Meet.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it can help you be efficient while telecommuting and take advantage of the time you save on commuting and thus your quality of life.
Telecommuting can be a source of inspiration for companies, so be creative and take care of your employees!