Our uniqueness

Our collaborative approach

Changing agencies or simply outsourcing raises questions such as "How will I be supported?", "When will I be able to talk to my account manager, and how often? To become your performance partner, we put a lot of energy into our collaboration routines: discover them!

Regular exchanges with our teams

On a weekly or monthly basis, you can discuss the performance of your advertising campaigns with our experts. In addition, quarterly or annual meetings will enable you to take the pulse of your digital strategy and the actions to be taken in the future.

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A customer internship on your premises

Becoming a true partner in your success means understanding who you are, your products and your organization in detail.

That's why our teams systematically organize a customer internship on our customers' premises for several days, so that we can immerse ourselves in the company's values and strengths, and translate them into our day-to-day actions.

Collaborative onboarding and roadmapping

Right from the start of our collaboration, we will set up a precise framework to ensure a gradual resumption of your advertising campaigns.

This can be summed up in 3 stages:

#1 - Quick Wins & Foundations

We don't break anything, but we correct what's wrong and clean up the basics.

#2 - Tests & Rebuild

We put our convictions and ideas to the test by restructuring your accounts, but minimize risk-taking by carrying out as many A/B tests as possible.

#3 - Run & Projects

Once we've reached cruising speed, we'll optimize your campaigns on a daily basis and co-construct your future advertising projects!

And all of this assured and framed by a collaborative roadmap between you and us to give you maximum visibility!

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