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A digital acquisition strategy consulting agency specializing in SEA, SMA and FEED MANAGEMENT, ikom is above all a human adventure.

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About us

ikom: a human adventure

The agency's DNA is resolutely performance and profitability oriented.

Most of our employees have already had experience with advertisers (retail, B2B, lead), so they understand our customers' issues, and that makes all the difference!

Humanity is at the heart of our partnership: benevolence and transparency are the basis of all the relationships we have with you and between us. No secret, your objectives are our objectives and we are committed to your satisfaction.

Thanks to the large volumes of media investments we manage at ikom, we are premium partners of the advertising networks we use to manage our customers' acquisition campaigns, giving us access to exclusive resources for you on a daily basis.

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Our values

The agency'sDNA

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We learn every day and never stop testing and innovating, to offer the best. Our business evolves very quickly and we have learned to challenge our achievements to continually move forward.

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Our experience in e-commerce and our ROI culture are our leitmotiv to help our clients achieve their business goals. Our fees are specific to each client and based on their objectives in order to make our interests converge.

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Benevolent Requirement

Our technical expertise and the piloting of algorithms imply an unfailing requirement, but without ever putting aside the human aspect. Friendliness and transparency are the basis of all our relationships with you and with each other.

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The agility and flexibility of a small office, but with the strength of a large group! Our team is international and multilingual, which allows us to manage campaigns in different markets. To date, 1/3 of the sites for which we manage SEA campaigns are not French.

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As true partners of your business, we multiply the exchanges to make good decisions and share our knowledge and learning.

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Our history

Some key dates

Founded in 2011 by Jérôme Keloghlanian, former e-commerce manager at, the little tribe has grown to include over 35 consultants!


Everything starts with a man

And what a man! Jérôme Keloghlanian, co-founder of the e-commerce site and an experienced pilot, was just another e-commerceer, and surrounded himself with service providers who supported him in his digital strategy, but who had difficulty understanding his needs. No problem! In 2011, Jérôme decided to be the sole captain of the ship and create a SEA agency that could put itself in the shoes of e-merchants and help them achieve their goals. And so ikom was born.


A beautiful adventure, that is shared

After 3 years flying solo, Jérôme's first consultant came on board to break his solitude and add to his crew. Then a second. A third. A fourth. And so on... In his first recruitments, Jérôme was able to surround himself with people with the same DNA as him, and these people continue to pass on ikom's values to all new employees, day after day.


Welcome Labelium

As Labelium and ikom grew, their paths often crossed. The two agencies have a lot in common, but the most important thing is that they share the same values and the same vision of digital marketing. The merger was an obvious choice, to better satisfy both customers and employees. The ikom crew then had the joy of discovering hundreds of Labelium team-mates all over the world, with whom they exchange ideas on a daily basis!


A boost in the form of a virus

Successive confinements have boosted e-commerce activity, and many players have had to adapt to this new digital world. ikom, too, has adapted its offer to best serve its customers. That's why, in 2021, two offers from the Labelium group were added to the SEA services already offered by ikom in Lyon: product feed management by Feed Manager and Social Media Advertising by tigrz. As a result, the Lyon-based teams are now able to support their customers with more comprehensive digital strategies.


What next?

If you want to know more about the ikom adventure, there is only one thing to do: join us on board :)

Our teams

Our strong team

ikom is not just ikom. Over the past two years, our team has grown to include other Labelium group entities: Feed Manager and tigrz.

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