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A CSS is a Comparison Shopping Service. It is a tool that compares the price of an advertiser's products on Google Shopping with those of its competitors and that allows to display its products on Google Shopping.

Why are there several CSS?

Until 2017, Google was the only historical price comparator in the Shopping market. The European Commission deemed Google's monopoly to be an unfair service and forced it to open the market to competition, opening up advertising slots to other comparators.

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Why use a CSS other than Google Shopping?

The cost per click (CPC) is on average 20% lower than the CPC offered on Google.

For 1 € spent on a click, Google takes 0,80€ (80%) of the real price of the click and 0,20€ of commission (20%). It is this commission that is not present on the CSS.

So you can broadcast for less with a Comparison Shopping service.
The ideal fuel to make your visibility take off

What else do we offer with the CSS ikom-shopping?

Quick installation

Installation rapide du CSS (<48h)

Drop alert

An email is sent if more than 20% of the catalog in the original GMC feed disappears.

Drop protect

A backup is set up if more than 50% of the product catalog disappears from the initial GMC. Backup up to 72 hours of the last version of the feed before this drop. This guarantees the broadcasting of your campaigns for 3 days, the time to solve the technical problems that generated this drop.

Product blacklisting

We filter the products considered as non compliant by Google when transferring the feed between the initial GMC and the GMC Ikom Shopping. This allows us to offer the most optimized and cleanest feed possible.

Dedicated CSS support

We can answer any questions or technical issues. If we don't have the answer, we have privileged contacts at Google because we are part of the Google Partner Premium program.

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