Case Studies

Snowleader increased its turnover by 157% in Germany

Retailer of sports and outdoor products

EMEA - France
Snowleader increased its turnover by 157% in Germany



Increase in conversions in Germany.



Increase of the conversion value.



Increase in the conversion rate.

The Challenge

Founded in 2008, Snowleader is one of the leading retailers of outdoor sports equipment in France. Their website is present in seven other European countries, but it does not have the same notoriety in other markets as in France. Snowleader has therefore decided to focus on the German market with the objective of increasing its turnover in Germany by 150%, while maintaining or increasing its return on advertising sales (ROAS).

The approach

Snowleader first sought to optimize the Google Ads algorithm by changing the attribution model from linear to data-driven. They then enhanced their existing campaigns by adding responsive search ads (RSAs) with "excellent" ad effectiveness. Finally, they made the most of automation by launching Smart Shopping campaigns and using target ROAS (tROAS) bidding strategies on all search campaigns.

Partnership with Ikom: We worked with Snowleader to implement Google Ads best practices, such as moving to a data-driven attribution model for conversion actions.

The results

As a result of these optimizations, Snowleader's sales in the German market doubled. Campaign revenue increased by 157%, with more qualified traffic, a 66% increase in click-through rate (CTR) with a 45% increase in conversion rate. The combination of optimized RSA, Smart Bidding and data-driven attribution helped Snowleader achieve its goal in a very short time.

We were able to implement new strategies to increase traffic, maximize revenue and capture new opportunities in the German market, while maintaining a stable return on investment.

Ciara Argentier
Traffic Manager